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About The Calculator

The Green Belt Strategy nutrient calculator is here to help intermediate to advanced growers find the most ideal nutrient profile for cannabis growth. Elevate your game as well as your understanding of how nutrients interact with your cannabis plants! Read about plant nutrition and why nutrient profiling is important in this interview with GBS Principal, Cameron Bravmann.

If your element levels are too low, your plants may exhibit deficiency symptoms, while levels that are too high may produce toxicity symptoms. What makes plant nutrition difficult to understand is the fact that deficiency of one element can look like symptoms of toxicity from another element, or vice versa.

At GBS, the recommended nutrient profile target is as follows: 

Plant nutrient profile target

While users can set up their own unique nutrient profile target, it has been shown - time and time again - that this formula recommendation for both Macro and Secondary nutrients is best for creating exemplary balance in the plant's life cycle. 

How to use the plant nutrient calculator

1.  Gather all of your fertilizers

2.  One at a time, input the Macro and Secondary elemental ratios into the Nutrient Calculator. For example, an All Purpose fertilizer of 3-3-3 would be input as:

     a. Nitrogen - 3
     b. Phosphorus - 3
     c. Potassium - 3

3. Once you have completed inputting all the relevant data for the first fertilizer, click the “+” button, and a second calculator appears, where you can input the information for the second fertilizer.

4. Continue adding/inputting your fertilizers until all have been recorded.

5. Now you can manipulate the “Rate” feature, starting with “1” in order to see how the ratios for each individual fertilizer will add up to an Actual PPM.

6. See table above for GBS’ recommended plant nutrient profile target.

Liability Statement: This calculator has been provided as a tool, and should be used solely for informational purposes. It is not intended to replace your own calculations as each situation requires specialized considerations. 

🌿 Learn more about plant nutrition here.

For a comprehensive review of your plant nutrient calculator results, contact us for a complimentary 15 minute phone call with Cameron Bravmann - Green Belt Strategies.

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